Koulibaly believes Napoli has a chance of advancing to the UCL quarter-finals.

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Kalidou Koulibaly former Napoli defender, believes his former team has a chance of overcoming Barcelona into the quarter-finals of the Champions League as well.

Al-Hilal defender Kalidou Koulibaly believes his former club Napoli have a chance of overcoming Barcelona and qualifying for the quarter-finals of this season’s Champions League. Because this Tuesday’s game will not be play at Camp Nou, which is an advantage for the Azulgrana team, according to a report from UFABET on Sunday.

Barcelona move to play at Olympique de Montjuic this season after the Camp Nou was close for renovations, leading Koulibaly to believe playing at the Azulgrana’s temporary home would not be possible. Put pressure on the visiting team as has been the case in the past. That might allow the famous Naples team to turn the situation around and grab a ticket to the quarter-finals of the Champions League as well.

The two teams tied the first game 1-1 in Naples before meeting in Barcelona for the second game on Tuesday. The Azul Grana team lost both Frenkie de Jong and Pedro Gonzalez López Pedri, two important midfielders who were injury. Behind Pablo Martin Paz Gabira, a 19-year-old midfielder who was previously injury for a long time 

‘Napoli have everything to advance to the next round. Not playing at Camp Nou might be an advantage, as at Montjuic the passion and pressure are not the same. I hope Napoli will qualify. Barcelona have talented players and a coach. Excellent, but Napoli came back to play with the system again. And they can cause them pain as well,’ Koulibaly said.